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Diary of an Overjoyed Black Woman

A few days after the Presidential election my wife and I heard a woman walking around the grocery store talking to herself. I couldn’t tell if she was reciting an item from her grocery list over and over, or just muttering to herself. Then, as we checked out we saw her and realized she was saying “Obama” over and over again to everyone who caught her gaze. She walked up to all the employees at the front of the store and said “Obama?” If they gave an approving look she gave them an energetic high-five, or even a hug. She did the same to every person who caught her gaze. She was a black woman, probably in her early fifties. When she got outside she stepped into a truck with a black man about the same I age, who I assumed was her husband or boyfriend. Our car sat right next to their truck and so we smiled at her as we passed with our bags. Then she quickly got out of the car and said “Obama?” We said “Obama” right back to her and she ran around to give us high-fives.

Her husband had his window down and asked if we’d voted for Obama. We told him we had and we’d actually been at the official democratic watch-party downtown to watch the results. He said he had bi-racial children and was excited Obama would be in the White House, because it meant he possessed more hope for his kids than before.

A lot has been written about a black man being elected to the white house since November 4th. All I know is that I met a woman who has possibly never been as hopeful about her country as she was when a man with the same complexion was elected to the white house. And this gives me hope.
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