These are all links to points of interest to me that will most likely enhance the readings of my blog.

I’m not quite sure what this is. I know it analyzes text and pictures from news sources around the world and organizes them into this sort of collage, but still… I don’t understand. But I like it.

BBC World News
Great source for both legit world news and obscure world news, such as the story I read a while back about the world’s tallest man saving the life of a dolphin by sticking the world’s longest arm down the dolphin’s throat to retrieve a plastic piece lodged in it’s stomach… Booya! That’s news!

NPR’s Planet Money
This is a great tool if you’re interested in understanding what’s going on in the economy. I find it to be very balanced, and good at showing the complexity we’re dealing with in this trying time. They define the jargon everyone uses and speak to economists from many different fields. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into demonizing one group or the other without understanding the language. This is a good place to start. Also check into subscribing to their regular FREE podcast.

This is an interesting radical publication. They’ve got a lot of important things to say about Western civilization for sure-specifically our marketing-driven economy. It’s most definitely hyperbolic in it’s end-of-civilization statements. But that doesn’t mean there’s no truth in those claims. They’ve also got funny fake adverts.

The Moth
This is the website for the Moth, which I learned about through This American Life. It’s a storytelling venue in New York, where people get up and tell real-life stories. They’ve got a free podcast as well, where they upload a new story every week.

Ordinary Neighbor – Blog
Josh Banner is the worship pastor at Hope College, in Holland Michigan. His ideas and faith continually encourage me to push bounds artistically as well as reminding me it’s not just okay, but essential to think deeply and ask hard questions about our faith. He writes about the Church, indie music, books, movies, art and life and how all of those subjects connect. I would highly encourage anyone to read all of his posts.

OKC Herbavore
This is Dustin-musician, world traveler, ex-housemate, good friend. Fantastic, insightful writer.

Image – Literary and Arts Quarterly
“Image speaks with equal force and relevance to the secular culture and to the church. By finding fresh ways for the imagination to embody religious truth and religious experience, Image challenges believers and nonbelievers alike.”