We Gotta Pay the Bills Somehow

There’s a joke about English majors. The way you get the attention of an English major is to hold up your hand and yell “waiter”. \

And… well, I have a new job. No more cubicle. Instead, a restaurant full of hungry people. This is a return to a familiar world.

Two-and-a-half years ago I quit working at an upscale Japanese steakhouse to move abroad. I thought I would never wait tables again, and that was fine with me. And for a while I avoided it. But, now I find myself here again, working in an upscale BBQ restaurant (the concept seems to work somehow. Apparently rich people like barbecue too, only they like a $45 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go with their brisket).

And yet it’s strangely comfortable-the ragged, worn-out pants you put on after wearing a suit and tie all day. Slipping obscure literary references into inane banter with customers is always exciting-especially if catches it. And it’s a bit empowering for someone to ask what the hell you’re doing waiting tables with a college degree. I makes me feel like an idealist again, which is maybe just a bit self-indulgent.

It almost feels as if everyone I work with now is more real than before, sharing some sort of adventure. You know: wait tables by day and write a groundbreaking novel at night-the characters based loosely on a cast of regular customers. But the truth is, I don’t know of anyone doing that. All they do is come in the next morning saying “I really don’t want to be here right now… I can’t believe I had that many drinks last night. I was so f***ed up”

So much for the struggling artist.

So there’s just this real tension between romantic-bohemian-starving-artist existence and I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-else-to-do-other-than-get-drunk experience. Definitely different than my last job, but enjoyable enough.

At least my mornings are free.

The Calico Rebellion



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3 responses to “We Gotta Pay the Bills Somehow

  1. Birddog

    I enjoyed reading that, ol’ Twentymile. I hope you can be an encouragement to your coworkers to actually pursue what they say they are pursuing.

  2. nice. sounds like fun. what “upscale bbq” place is this?

  3. jazzyfaye

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